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 Colin   has always had dogs  and has bred them for many years, plus he was involved in animal care, from his work in the  veterinary field.

 In 1987, we decided that the only breed for us to show, was the Bichon Frise, but only to breed on a hobby basis to provide us with quality dogs, we could groom, cut ourselves and then show to Championship show level.                                                           

 Our first champion was " Danny"  in 1993  

    Like all hobbies, they took over our lives, and now stand at 5 dogs, which live at home with us, as part  of the family,    but for " harmony's sake" we decided to home out our bitches with friends, to date this has worked out well.   

""Rockspray" (prior to 2010/)   where we live on the cliff top,  overlooking the Atlantic ocean, at the far  S.W. of England in the county of Cornwall."


 ~ If you look cl,osely  you can see some of the boys playing    on the patio's at the front.


Should you wish to contact us:-

COLYNTHIA  BICHONS,  Rockspray, Highburrow, Off Loe Bar Road, Porthleven.Cornwall TR13 9ER. U.K.

 Tel/fax **(44) "0"1326 574768


  Welcome  to the  HOME  PAGE of  Colin &  Cynthia Caspall

We do have dogs at stud, but only to approved bitches..


            Colynthia  Bichon  Frise